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MSc. in Cybersecurity


This program is designed to be completed while you work full time, applying the cyber security concepts and the technical skills you learn in class on the job. To help you balance work, school, and life, this curriculum is offered 100% online with the ability to attend hybrid ESIT Tutorials.




This Master’s degree curriculum is a carefully designed sequence of hands-on technical courses, management courses with leadership experience, student-designed research, presentation opportunities and a suite of professional certification. The Master of Science (MS) in Cybersecurity is a two-year program designed to prepare individuals with undergraduate degrees in technology disciplines for responsible leadership roles in technology-based and information-based workplaces.

The Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree equips technology professionals to assess the security needs of information and network systems and then manage the implementation and maintenance of the recommended security solutions. Our holistic approach to cybersecurity develops students’ understanding of information security technologies and cybersecurity’s economic, legal, behavioural, and ethical impacts.

Students graduate as competitive candidates in the job market with connections to ESIT alumni and ICT professional recruiters.



  • Security Essentials
  • IT Security Planning, Policy, Leadership
  • Defensible Security Architecture Engineering
  • Managing Human Risk
  • Incident Management
  • Advanced Technical Research & Communication
  • Implementing & Auditing the Critical Security Controls
  • SIEM with Tactical Analytics
  • Defending Web Applications
  • Cyber Defence Operations
  • Data Protection and Privacy Management


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