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Student Life

Enrolling at ESIT goes beyond igniting your passion; it opens doors to a vibrant technology community. Discover boundless opportunities to acquire invaluable skills, forge valuable connections, and propel your career to new heights.

Higher Education is More Than Studying

It is time to challenge preconceived notions and pursue your passions. Learn more about ESIT today! Learn at your own pace while being part of a community that supports career advancement through networks and capital partnerships.

Our Culture

Economic Development

Education is the cornerstone of basic needs. Making education accessible is key to economic advancement and financial independence, hence, we aim to upskill our students in emerging markets where the greatest talent demands exist.

Solving Societal Challenges

We grant scholarships and provide capital support for graduates who aim to solve major societal issues using technology.

Our Community

At ESIT, we're all about propelling your career forward. We bridge the gap between global IT recruiters and our talented graduates. Our dynamic community and curriculum are tailored to support your growth, whether it's securing that coveted promotion or fostering innovative product development. With exciting competitions, cutting-edge incubators, and dedicated support for research and development, ESIT nurtures your passion for ICT. We take pride in connecting our graduates with funding, recruiters, and top executives to unlock your full potential.



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Research and Development

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