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Executive Education in People and Performance Management



Executive Education in People and Performance Management allows our students to apply all the Neurolinguistic Programming techniques necessary to develop the most advanced coaching and, as a result,  obtain the capacity to lead professional teams. This program is taught by ESIT and accredited by Acacia University in Arizona, USA. 

Throughout this course, you will learn the concepts and communication skills necessary to react appropriately to all situations that may arise in the executive and business world. In addition, our students will get an insight into how NLP affects people and their way of seeing and understanding reality by helping them to reach their full potential at a business and professional level. 

Start your academic career with ESIT, one of the essential distance technology schools in Africa and Europe that allows you to gain an education at the highest level, from any place, and with the daily support of all our teachers and tutors.


  • Understanding the basic concepts of coaching. 
  • Knowing the different types of coaching and their application in organisations. 
  • Getting an insight into the coaching process and methodology. 
  • Improving the communication process through skills and techniques that facilitate achieving goals. 
  • Learning specific techniques and tools to optimise the results.  
  • Boosting students’ self-confidence to improve relations in different areas of their life: personal, professional, and academic. 
  • Applying coaching to improve work teams.
  • Improving the level of leadership in managing teams when it comes to guidance, motivation and conflict resolution. 
  • Understanding the underlying processes of how people perceive, process, interpret and emit an emotional and behavioural response to reality, and thus being able to identify and understand the diversity of mental maps of each individual. 
  • Acquiring a strategic and analytical approach to understanding and analysing one’s way of thinking, ultimately, internalising a way of being that will help to improve their relationships in all areas of life.
  • Improving the communication process through skills and techniques that will allow achieving goals 
  • Learning and adapting specific techniques to improve a particular area: sales techniques, negotiation skills, interviewing techniques, presentations and communication techniques for educators, psychologists, lawyers, doctors, etc. 
  • Improving the process of self-knowledge: exploring the inner world and gaining a better understanding of one’s capabilities and limitations  
  • Learning to design a project with an ecological approach balances the different areas of life and society.

This Executive Education in People and Performance Management is a global vision of particular importance that will be acquired to carry out the leadership of work teams. Therefore you can access management positions in any department of a company or organization and develop your tasks in the most efficient way possible.


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